Remove MySQL completely in mac os

  1. Open the Terminal
  2. Use mysqldump to backup your databases
  3. Check for MySQL processes with: ps -ax | grep mysql
  4. Stop and kill any MySQL processes
  5. Analyze MySQL on HomeBrew:
    brew remove mysql
    brew cleanup
  6. Remove files:
    sudo rm /usr/local/mysql
    sudo rm -rf /usr/local/var/mysql
    sudo rm -rf /usr/local/mysql*
    sudo rm ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.mysql.plist
    sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM
    sudo rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/My*
  7. Unload previous MySQL Auto-Login:
    launchctl unload -w ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.mysql.plist
  8. Remove previous MySQL Configuration:
    subl /etc/hostconfig` 
    # Remove the line MYSQLCOM=-YES-
  9. Remove previous MySQL Preferences:
    rm -rf ~/Library/PreferencePanes/My*
    sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/mysql*
    sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/MySQL*
    sudo rm -rf /private/var/db/receipts/*mysql*
  10. Restart your computer just to ensure any MySQL processes are killed
  11. Try to run mysql, it shouldn’t work

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